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Regenerative Agriculture

Biodiverse and Nutrient Dense

Regenerative Farming

Along side rotational grazing we use warm and cool season annual cover crops in conjunction with perennials. Living roots and plant diversity is key in building healthy soil. Using plants that encourage “reducing” environments and minimizing those that are oxidative. Cycling and stabilizing nutrients in the soil with the use of high energy carbon is our primary focus. Minimal prescribed tillage due to the use of livestock integration.

Spring Fed Water System

Our goal is to have cold, clean, and well-tasting water within one quarter of a mile or less of our cattle, always. Using Mirafount Livestock Waterers eliminates algae problems by keeping the water out of direct sunlight. Keeping the water warm in cold climates where in other cases would freeze. Piping clean water from our spring fed pond keeps pathogens away that are often tracked in when lofting in pond banks. Continuously deep cleaning waterers and testing for minerals, bacteria, pH and Nitrates levels to make sure we are providing the best for our cattle.

Mineral & Salt Program

Learning from one of the best in the industry, Bob has taught us that micro-minerals are critical in immune function and enzyme levels for optimal growth. Taking soil, water and forage tests help us achieve a well-balanced diet for our cattle. Along with managing their intake to insure they achieve our goal.


Low Stress Herd Work

Low stress handling includes no loud noises or pressured electrical charging prods. Keeping them calm, keeps the cattle out of that flight-mode, which keeps their bodies from produce the stress hormone cortisol. Along with gentle handling we select genetic for docility. We enjoy keeping our herds docile enough for our children to help us work cattle.