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Meet the Meinders

Ripley Cove Farms has been in the family since 1973.

Our journey began with a shared vision and a deep-rooted passion for sustainable agriculture. Chad, Christine, and their three children were inspired by the wisdom, knowledge, and dedication of Chad’s grandparents, who originally cultivated the land that would become Ripley Cove Farms.

Ripley Cove Farms was originally established by Chad’s grandparents, Bob and Marilynn Weil. Bob, a respected veterinarian, owned and practiced at the New Burlington Animal Hospital near Mt. Healthy before transitioning to full-time farming. From the beginning, Bob and Marilyn implemented regenerative practices, using green manure, no-till methods, and promoting vigorous pasture production with quality legumes. They developed natural water sources and incorporated rotational grazing in a 15-paddock cycle. Bob’s expertise in rotational grazing was highlighted in a 1999 Successful Farming magazine article where he emphasized the importance of providing a fresh supply of vitamins to the cattle.

Chad grew up helping his grandparents on the farm and always dreamed of expanding upon his grandfather’s vision. In 2020, Chad and Christine began managing Ripley Cove Farms, committed to raising better quality beef through a natural, regenerative production system. By focusing on soil health and implementing sustainable agriculture practices, they honor the legacy of Chad’s grandparents while building a future of nutrient-dense, high-quality beef.

The path was not always easy. They faced challenges and setbacks, weathering storms both literal and metaphorical. But with each obstacle, they grew stronger and more resilient. They learned from the land, researched extensively, and sought knowledge from the best in the organic agriculture space. By testing everything from soil, water, and plants to the animals themselves, they ensure optimal health and quality in every aspect of our farm.

Today, Ripley Cove Farms is a testament to perseverance and collaboration. Nature thrives in harmony with the cycles of life, promising a better future with every seed planted. From our expansive fields to our freely grazing animals, our farm reflects our commitment to nourishing both body and land. Our story is still unfolding, with each season bringing new challenges and opportunities. One thing remains constant: our dedication to sustainability, resilience, and abundance for generations to come.

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